La Pryor Farms

La Pryor Farms is a small family farm located in Ottawa, IL.  Our goal is striving for excellence in producing fine quality pork and beef.  We selected specific breeds for both our hog and cattle operations based primarily on eating qualities; marbling, tenderness and juiciness being the main traits of selection.  Other reasons for our specific breeds of choice were for mothering ability, growth, production and docility.

We grow and harvest our own NON-GMO corn which is fed to all hogs and cattle on our farm.  We do not feed any antibiotics or hormones in our livestock rations.

Herd health is an important factor for sustainable livestock production.  We take precautionary steps in preventing diseases in our livestock.  By having healthy livestock, it maximizes production re-productively and well as growth in our market hogs and cattle.

Grazing management is crucial in maintaining pasture for our breeding cattle herd.  It’s important to rotate paddocks to maximize re-growth.

During the summer months we round bale water ways that would otherwise go idle.  Our cattle are then fed the grass round bales in the winter months when the pastures are dormant.  In addition, we run our breeding cattle on our NON-GMO cornstalks which they also consume in the winter months.  This helps in cleaning any corn that was left behind after combining and as well as cleaning up extra stalk trash.

The manure from our pig lots is spread on our crop ground for an added source of natural fertilizer.  Which, our crops (soybean & corn) utilize in the growing season. 
We feel that having a direct relationship with the farmer who produces your food is extremely important to good health, good stewardship of the land and the importance of preserving purebred livestock for future generations.