La Pryor Farms

PORK Hampshire hogs are black with a white belt around their shoulders and front legs

The Hampshire line at La Pryor Farms is unique and rare. It possesses superior eating characteristics, with its fine and tender muscle fibers the meat bursts flavor in your mouth. Our Hampshire line was purchased from a retiring breeder in Nebraska and is the base of our herd.

The Duroc hog is red in color with down ears.

In the spring of 2010, we purchased a rare herd of old line Duroc hogs from a Breeder in La Pryor, Texas.  Thus being said, La Pryor Farms fit for a farm name. These Durocs specifically have excellent eating qualities and their marbling is unprecedented. These hogs were exported to Japan because of their meat quality characteristics.

Here at La Pryor Farms we do not use any antibiotics or hormones in the hog diets and all hogs are fed non-genetically modified corn that we grow and produce ourselves.

We take pride in preserving our unique genetic lines of hogs. By marketing our pork to top restaurants in Chicago, we have the opportunity to have some of the most elite Chefs prepare and showcase our delicious pork.   Our hogs are harvested and State inspected at Country Village Meats in Sublette, IL every Monday. The pork is then cut by order request and delivered by us every Wednesday (Chicago delivery).

Whole & ½ Hogs Available Cutting options listed below: *HOGS ARE SCALDED Head Shoulder (Butt & Picnic) Loin Belly Spare Rib Ham Trotters Liver Heart Kidney *Freezer pork always available upon request