La Pryor Farms


The cattle breeds we have chosen are Fleckvieh and Black Angus; Mothering ability, carcass traits and growth were just a few traits used to finalize our decision.

Fleckvieh – Originated in Germany, this dual purpose breed is known for their exceptional milk production and muscling. 
The Fleckvieh are medium/larger in frame, durable and fast growing

Black Angus – are a very maternal breed that offers calving ease and milking ability and also excels in carcass merit while offering excellent eating characteristics.

By crossing these two breeds, we will produce fast growing offspring that offer the most elite meat quality possible.  The Fleckvieh, will offer a little more frame size and muscling plus added weaning weight while, the Black Angus will contribute added marbling and carcass traits.

Our breeding herd grazes on our pasture from mid/late spring till mid/late fall.  During the winter months they are supplemented with baled hay/grass and are also run on corn stalks.  They are also given free choice mineral and salt.

Market cattle are fed a diet consisting of cracked NON-GMO corn (which we grow ourselves), and a mineral & protein pellet which we mix in our grinder.  In addition, they are given free choice baled grass and a mineral block.  Market cattle are harvested at Freedom Sausage in Earlville, IL at 16-20 months of age.  Carcass weights are between 600-800 Lbs hanging weight.

Cutting Options:

Whole or 1/2 Beef (Comes Quartered)

  • Chuck
  • Rib
  • Plate
  • Loin
  • Round